How To Screen Airbnb Guests Without Reviews

How To Screen Airbnb Guests Without Reviews

How To Screen Airbnb Guests Without Reviews

You must have already heard enough horror and strange stories about some of the bad Airbnb guests. And we are not talking about a broken vase on your property or a missing towel. Things can go much worse if you invite some wrong guests into your Airbnb property. Not only can it bring huge losses and damages, but it can also bring damage to your reputation as well as some unwanted harassment and criminal investigations. This can make your business suffer a huge impact. Being a host, you may have to live with a long lasting consequence too. Hence, it is important to screen your guests properly before you let them book your property. Are you wondering  how to screen Airbnb guests without reviews? Do not worry, as we are here to help you with a complete guide about what you must do. Read on,


There are many people who want to book different Airbnb properties for different purposes. While some of the guests are really good, some can be quite bad and problematic. You need to protect your reputation as well as your property from these bad guests. The only way to do so is by screening each and every guest who applies for the property. While many Airbnb hosts do not take the screening process that much seriously, it is very important to consider.

There are two types of options available for Airbnb hosts. One is Instant Book and another one is Request To Book. The difference between these two is quite self-explanatory. With the former option, anyone can book your property and the booking will be automatically accepted. But when you have the second option on, you will get the reservation request from the users. You have to confirm the request to confirm the booking. Thus, you can get some time to perform a thorough screening to avoid any mishaps, accidents and problems.

Some of the benefits of screening guests before accepting their booking requests are:


There is no doubt that your Airbnb property is precious to you. It is one of the ways to earn money for you. Any damages can prove to be quite harmful for you. In order to protect your property from people who can be problematic in nature. This can save your property from theft, loss, damages and more.


You must be aware of many fraud cases and scams that are cropping out here and there. Sometimes it is better to stay prepared and well-informed than to be sorry. Hence, you need to screen the guests before you accept their booking at your Airbnb property. This can help you to be more safe and aware against any scam or fraud.


In some cases, the host of Airbnb lives in the same city and sometimes in a different one. In both the cases, the host can be at complete peace of mind if they know the guests properly. A simple screening and background search will help you to be completely assured that your property is in the right hands. Otherwise, there can be different issues that you may face.


No matter how many security cameras you have in your property or a caretaker to take care of it, screening the Airbnb guests is important. This will help you to understand and know to whom you are renting your property. You will also have their IDs which can be an added layer of security.


SCREEN AIRBNB GUESTSThe screening of Airbnb guests can be best done by reading the reviews of the other hosts. These reviews can give a great idea to you about how the guests behave with the host or how well-mannered they were during their stay. But, the main question here is how to screen Airbnb guests without reviews. So, when there is no review, you need to look for some other ways to screen. What are these ways? Here are some of the best ways that you can use for screening your Airbnb guests:


When you are creating your Airbnb property profile, you can make some changes in the reservation requirement settings to level up the screening process. You must add that the guests will have to have a  Verified ID  badge in order to book the Airbnb property. With the help of this option, the user must provide a government issued ID as a mandatory step. This can be a passport, the driver license or any other ID along with a recent photo of yours. Airbnb will verify it with some background checks making it safer for you.


You must visit the profile of the Airbnb user and check all the information they have provided about them. There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind while checking the profile. You need to check if the profile is complete or not. A photo along with a complete profile is always a good indicator that the guest will be respectful and problem-free in nature. When the guests share a lot of personal information on their profile, they are less likely to be problematic.


While screening the guests for your Airbnb property, you need to make sure that you are asking the right questions. When you ask the questions, it will be easier for you to understand how the guest is and whether or not he/she can be a perfect guest for your property. Some of the important questions that you must ask to your guest are:

  • Reason of choosing your Airbnb property
  • Main purpose of the stay at your property
  • Where is the guest traveling from?
  • How many guests are they expecting?
  • Will they bring home more guests during their stay?

All these are very important questions and you need to ask them. In case you are satisfied with the answers, then you can continue with their booking. If not, as a host, you will have up to 24 hours before the final check-in to cancel the reservation. In this case, neither you nor the guest will have to give any penalty.


Another thing that you can do is to ask for a copy of a government issued ID, such as the driver’s license or the passport from the guests. You can compare the IDs with the guest’s profile in order to verify and crosscheck whether or not the person is genuine. When you have the IDs, you can also perform a thorough background check of your own just to be 100% sure about the guest. This can help you to be at complete peace of mind too.


CHECK OUT THE RED FLAGSWhile screening the guests, there are some red flags that you need to look out for. Some of the guests come with some subtle red flags that you cannot ignore. It is better to avoid them. These red flags are no verified badge, objection against the house rules provided, not much information provided in the profile, insisting you to communicate outside the Airbnb platform, providing different and conflicting information, not willing to show IDs and not clear about the purpose of the stay. If you find any of these red flags while screening the guests, then it is better to avoid any booking from them.


Another thing that you can do is to hire an Airbnb property management in Fort Lauderdale service. These management companies take the matter into their hand. With a team of specialized professionals and best in class managers, they can screen the tenants and guests properly to obtain only the best and high quality tenants for your properties. They can also help in marketing your Airbnb property professionally so that you can get many more visitors and guests at your property.


While screening the guests one by one can be really time taking and a daunting process, hiring the best Airbnb property management service can be helpful. How? Well, there are many ways in which this management service can help you. These are:

  • Screening of all the guests as well as the accommodation
  • Creation of the property listing for better marketing
  • Optimization of the price based on the property and demand
  • Provides professional photography service for the property
  • 24/7 management and concierge service
  • Take a look in to the tenants issues and problems

With all these amazing features and benefits, you can surely be at complete peace of mind that the management service is handling it all. They will take care of your property, guests and everything. You will get the money transferred into your bank account for every guest that visits your property.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to screen the Airbnb guests efficiently and effectively even when they do not have any reviews. But you need to invest some time in order to screen the guests and find the right ones for your property. You can either do it yourself or you can even let the best Airbnb property management in Fort Lauderdale service to handle everything for you. Thus, you can be at complete peace of mind while earning money from the rented Airbnb properties efficiently and now you can comfortably understand how to screen Airbnb guests without reviews.

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